Here we share the differnt transnational solidarity messages.


We are Scandinavian antifascists and anticapitalists who today go onto the streets to fight Fortress Europe and racism! We are happy to be in the same international struggle as you are and we are following your actions closely. Fascism must be met with a coordinated international approach, the fate of one country or place affects all others. We have to build even better, stronger international networks and deepen our fight against state racism as well as street-level movements like Pegida.

Together we are strong!

Smash fortress Europe, smash fascism and smash capitalism!

No Border Morocco

Dear comrades and freedom fighters,

Thank you for your solidarity. The 6th February remains a day to remember for us, to remind the European Union, who loves to preach democracy and respect for human rights, what happened that day:

On the 6th February 2014, at least 15 people were cruelly killed by the Spanish Guardia Civil, as more than 500 migrants tried to cross the enclosures of Ceuta, the Spanish enclave situated on African soil. During this attack, the Guardia Civil shot rubber bullets at random at people in the water. Due to the bullets and the tear gas, some of those people lost consciousness and drowned in the waters off Tarajal Beach.

The EU policies trying to reinforce the borders are not a way of stopping smugglers. These policies themselves produce an underground economy, criminalise and endanger people. Migrants seeking a better life are beaten up on the borders of Europe and drown in the sea because the EU refuses to open safe and legal migration paths. Together, we are taking our protest to the streets on the 6th of February. Maybe we had different reasons for choosing this date, be it fighting against right-wing populists and neo-facists, or commemorating our brothers and sisters, murdered by the European border regime. But our aims are the same: fighting forteress Europe and leaving no space for racism and right-wing ideologies.

We have the same demands:

We demand the EU to stop the war on migrants!

We refuse to have more deaths in the seas around Europe!

We need ferries, not Frontex!

We call for freedom of movement for all and the demilitarisation of the borders!

We wish you all the best for your actions and hope to mobilize together in the years to come, and to motivate more and more people to join our struggles!


Dear Comrades,

we send you warm antifascists greetings from Warsaw to Dresden. We regret we can’t be there with you but we are happy to participate in our common solidarity action beyond borders. While Europe sinks into xenophobia and racism the need to act on it is bigger than ever. And fascism grows stronger when we are passive. In Poland, nationalists try to create the space and atmosphere for pogroms: the attacks on immigrants (or simply people who don’t pass as white) become more and more cheeky and open.

For us, antifascism means to fight with neoliberal dictate and imperialist oil wars– because fashism always grows „thanks” to capitalist crises. So now it’s polish nationalists who want to beat up the immigrants. But a few years ago it was polish soldiers who were occupying Iraq and Afganistan. These are simply two sides of the same coin.
That’s why together we walk out on the streets to say it out loud:

We don’t give consent to this!

Say stop to the right-wing terror AND white supremacy!

Say yes and welcome to refugees!

Solidarity and Love


Dear friends and comrades from all over Europe and beyond,

we send you all our solidarity and best wishes for your demonstrations and actions against the right wing populists and the nightmare of „Fortress Europe“ from our demonstration in Dresden/Germany. While racists all over Europe are gathering today to support and even strengthen the inhuman and murderous migration regime we stand together in solidarity with all people entering Europe to find a better life. We stand in solidarity with everyone fighting the Europe of austerity, exploitation and social as well as racist exclusion. It is necessary to organize transnationally to attack European politics in order to destroy the standing ground of the right-wing. Instead of believing in the exclusive construct of the nation state, we have to go beyond the borders, learn from each other and fight for common autonomous and open spaces. The creation of resistant, self-determined networks provides perspective for freedom for all.

We will fight for free life in social equality, beyond nations, capital and patriarchy.

Together we take to the streets!

Let’s make Fortress Europe history!

Organize political solidarity!

Greece (Coordination against the fences)

Our solidarity bursts fences and borders!

Every year the European Union doesn’t get tired to emphasis their efforts for the rising amount of people who are desperatly trying to reach Europe in hope for a better future. In reality the conditions of the flight throughout Europe aren’t unlike to the „warlike“ conditions in the home countries of refugees and migrants. Last year more than 5.000 people lost their lifes in the Mediterranian Sea by trying to reach Europe. Without having any other choice they often have to trust their lifes to organised gangs,  become victims of state violence and border authorities. Recently there is a new player taking part in that game: Frontex is now controlling all entrances and exits of the greek state.

The Greek government is co-responsible for hundreds of dead refugees who tried to cross the Aegean to reach Greece although they could reach Greece via land route of the Evros border without risking their lifes. On the Greek islands tired and desperate refugees get stacked in detention centers, that nowadays are called hotspots.  From that point they are transfered to Europe. The European Union select those Refugees that shall work in factories as „slaves“ of the 21st century. They will embody the upcomming proletariat. After the fence of Evros the fences of Eastern Europe followed. After fences were built at the border line of Hungary, fences were built between Serbia and Croatia, Slovenia and Austria followed. It’s obvious that Europe transformed itself into a fortress. Many people lost their life trying to reach the promised land.

Since 2015 there is a fence between Greece and Macedonia. It was strenghtened by Frontex with its own „laws“. Now Frontex decides who is allowed to cross the border. Anti-Refugee-Fences as well as seperation of refugees based on their origin leads to the fact, that only refugees and migrants who are considered as „wanted“ in European countries shall pass the borders. The border between Eidomeni and Macedonia was closed selectively, so Europe remains a dream for Africans, Irans, Pakistans etc.. Poverty, political and social oppression which they experienced in their home countries are not considered as „real“ causes of flight and immigration to Europe. Furthermore migrants and refugees start their movements to escape from „western“ bombardements, totalitarian regimes and fundamentalist horror.

Its a struggle for survival and a search for a peaceful and dignified life. Thousands are drowning in hopes for reaching the Mediterranian Coast. Those who survive the passage to Europe, are confined in unhumane camps, attacked by racists and fascists, are confronted with police violence and exploited as cheap labor force. We support the right to free movement a a life without war and violence, without poverty and oppression. We oppose the imprisonment in so-called „Hotspot-centers“, the oppression by Frontex and the closed borders. We have the right to fight against fences and borders and to struggle all forms of oppression by state and European Union. We support the call against the Fortress Europe anbreaksd show our solidarity with all refugees and migrants.

We tear down the fences and borders!
No life is illegal!
Freedom of movement for all refugees and migrants!
Papers for all – no deportations!
Abolishment of all camps and hotspots!
Against Fortress Europe and Frontex!