Common declaration

Declaration of the Alliance „Solidarity without limits“

On 6th of February we went to the streets in different European cities. United by a common struggle for a life in solidarity and dignity beyond nation state, borders and capital. The action day against fortress Europe was a further step of transnational networking to connect our struggles and face the Europe of exploitation, exclusion and oppression. We showed our solidarity with all people trying to enter Europe to find a better life demanding freedom of movement for everyone. We faced the cynical and inhuman right-wing movements which promote racism, hate and all kinds of reactionary ideologies. For us there was a need to show that we won’t let the far right to show their power across Europe. At the same time we are as sure as death that the racist movements in the streets of Europe and the anti-migration policies of the European Union and it’s Nations are player in the same game called „war on migrants“. Common declaration weiterlesen


Here we share the differnt transnational solidarity messages.


We are Scandinavian antifascists and anticapitalists who today go onto the streets to fight Fortress Europe and racism! We are happy to be in the same international struggle as you are and we are following your actions closely. Fascism must be met with a coordinated international approach, the fate of one country or place affects all others. We have to build even better, stronger international networks and deepen our fight against state racism as well as street-level movements like Pegida.

Together we are strong!

Smash fortress Europe, smash fascism and smash capitalism! IN SOLIDARITY weiterlesen

Action map for Dresden

2016-02-Dresden_webAction map for the demonstration and ohter actions in Dresden released. The map will be updated with the telephone number of the street medics on friday. You can download the map in full resolution here.