Vrije Bond

The Vrije Bond (Free Union) is a group of people who are trying to build a different society: a society without hierarchies, without oppression and without exploitation of humans, animals and the environment; an anarchist society in which we deal with each other on a basis of equality. The members of the Vrije Bond are all working in their own way, in their own city, neighborhood, job or action group, to create such a society. They are doing this through direct action, by organizing discussions, writing articles or supplying information. The Vrije Bond serves as a platform to meet each other, to exchange experiences, to develop theory and strategies, but also to organize activities and to support them.


Plan C

Plan C was officially formed in early 2012, we have 4 local groups (Leeds, London, Manchester and Thames Valley) active around issues such as education, anti-austerity struggles, anti-fascism and the politics (and crisis) of work. The main group currently involved in this platform is Plan C Manchester (MCR) but other parts of our organisation will also be involved. Our organisation has a focus on experimental approaches to organization and activity, seeing ourselves as one regroupment beyond the current impasse of both contemporary anarchist and socialist currents.


Coordination against border fences (Athens / Thessaloniki)

Work in progress


Iniciativa Ne rasismu!

Radical left antifascist organization, based in Prague. Mostly working on antifascism, no border politics etc.

Anarchistická federace

AF unifies local groups and individuals, for whom it’s a platform, by which they can coordinate their activities, work on common projects, lead an efficient communication or share experiences.


Revolutionary Antifascists

Revolutionary Antifascists is a group with base in Copenhagen which fights racism, fascism and xenophobia.


Varis Tampere

Varis is a Finland-wide network aiming to destroy organised fascism and remove its social breeding ground. We oppose fascism in all its forms politically, ideologically and physically. The network consists of independent and autonomous groups that decide their objectives and operating principles independently.


Organising Autonomously
(in Swedish: Autonom Organisering)

Organising Autonomously is a group based in the southern Swedish city Lund. The group defines itself as a revolutionary socialist and feminist group based in the autonomous current and is active in questions concerning antifascism and antiracism, workplace struggles, queer issues, internationalism and much more.


Anarchist Colletice „Grecja w Ogniu“ (Greece on Fire)


Critique’n’act / „…ums Ganze“ Dresden

We, the groups e*vibes, ausserkontrolle, Undogmatische Radikale Antifa and gruppe polar, have founded critique’n’act. In this federation across our groups, we aim at bringing together actors of the radical left in Dresden more liably. On top of that, we have joined the alliance „…umsGanze!“ [„…all or nothing!“] aiming at organizing on the supra-regional level. »…umsGanze!« was founded in 2006 in order to organize radical left critique of society supra-regionally and to enable it to act. We want to be part of this alliance so we can discuss our local relations in countrywide structures and draw on solidary support in the current situation.

FAU Dresden

The Free Workers‘ Union is the anarcho-syndicalist union of Germany. With the anarchist ideas we confront the conflicts at working places. One of focuses of the union is exploitation of foreign workers in Germany. We are joining the actiondays out of belief that solidarity has no borders and no nations.

Internationalist Center Dresden

We want to create the ”Internationalist center” as a relay station, where global dissent can be translated into local conditions without ignoring the distinct circumstances of different struggles. It is necessary to learn from the history of the various internationalisms and to discuss how we can live and expand solidarity while reflecting on different social conditions. Therefore we want to promote and make practical use of exchange across borders.

autonomous group dresden

Wir stehen für eine Gesellschaft frei von Unterdrückung und Ausgrenzung, wie wir sie tagtäglich in der Dresdner Tristesse erleben müssen, an. Hierbei ist uns bewusst, dass dies nur durch radikale Kritik an den bestehenden Verhältnissen umsetzbar ist. Dabei wollen wir nicht nur bei „klassischer Antifaarbeit“ stehen belieben, sondern auch auf andere Missstände hinweisen und diese kritisieren. Dies Beginnt bei rassistischen Gesetzen und Denkmustern in der angeblichen „Mitte“ der Gesellschaft, der Gentrifizierung, die auch in Teilen der Stadt Dresden zugenommen hat, und Endet bei einem kapitalistischen System dem wir ausgesetzt sind.

kritik&praxis / „…ums Ganze“ Frankfurt Main

kritik&praxis frankfurt is a left radical group founded in 2003. They are localy and globaly active in anticapiltalist and antifascist struggles. They where part of the transnational mobilization against the ECB opening event on March 2015.

Theorie Organisation Praxis / „…ums Ganze“ Berlin

LevelUp/ „…ums Ganze“ Tübingen

kommunistische Gruppe/antiauthoritarian communist group  We are based in the small city of Tübingen in southern Germany and organized in …UmsGanze! coalition since 2013. We consider ourselves as communists even though we know that the phrase “communism” is often associated with a misunderstanding of the vision of a free society “from each according to his/her abilities, to each according to his/her needs” by authoritarian movements like Marxism-Leninism and so on. For us it is important to implement country-wide and transnational discussions into the local political discourse far away from metropolitan areas.

Work in progress

Anarchist Radio Berlin / Federation of German-speaking Anarchists (FdA, Föderation deutschsprachiger Anarchist*innen)

This Berlin-based radio group works mainly on the production of anarchist and radical audio material in German, English, Spanish, and soon also Portuguese. It exists since 2009, but is most active since 2012 with a monthly podcast of 1 hour and several audios/interviews during the month produced in as many languages as possible. International solidarity is at its core, therefore it also supports anarchist and antiauthoritarian radio projects worldwide.

The A-Radio Berlin is federated in the FdA that comprises more than 20 member groups in Germany and Switzerland.


Syspirosi Atakton (Nicosia/CY)

We consider ourselves as part of a wider anarchist/antiauthoritarian movement willing to deconstruct and undermine the structural forms of the current socio-political system and put into practice alternative forms of socio-political organisation. Based on our local experience we are participating to an international antiauthoritarian network, trying to circulate the ideas of self-organization, self-legislation and solidarity.


Autonome Antifa [w] / „…ums Ganze“ vienna

Since 2009 we are engaged in autonomous and undogmatic, radical left theory and action against beourgois capitalism and his reactionary ideologies of inequality. We are part of the communist alliance …umsGanze and the antiauthoritarian platform BeyondEurope.

„NO PEGIDA – rechte Aufmärsche in Graz verhindern!“

Alliance against the PEGIDA march in Graz.

Interventionist Left Vienna

Work in progress


Beyond Europe

Beyond Europe is an antiauthoritarian platform against capitalism. The last years have shown us the current limits of our organising. These are limits we want to overcome. Only by acting locally and thinking globally can we proceed; only through co-ordinated international activity can a society beyond state, nation and capital be achieved. We want to share successes, mistakes and analysis with our comrades in different countries so that they can act effectively when facing issues others already had to deal with…

No Borders Morocco

No Borders Morocco is a lose network of European and Migrant activists, based in/between Morocco and Europe. Our aims are twofold: First of all, we support migrants in their daily struggle against the deadly European border regime in Northern Morocco. We help make their voices heard and support their political actions. Secondly, we aim at bringing the externalised European borders back into the consciousness of European societies. We try to raise awareness about how the European Union causes and finances suffering, violence and political repression at its borders (Spain) and in its buffer zone (Morocco).

We are a part of the international network of activists known us No Borders. This network has no central leadership or membership structure so anyone who is committed to the right of all people to freely cross borders, direct action against border controls and practical solidarity with undocumented migrants can consider themselves one of us.

Work in progress…